We have had the pleasure to work with many, different, talented people. On this page you are able to explore a snippet of the collaborations through the years. 


Iman Meskini is mostly known for her role, in the Norwegian TV-show SKAM. Besides from her amazing performance as the role role of Sana, she is now working actively on removing the stereotypes around Muslims in general. We collabed with Iman Meskini, who chose posters from our Dubai Collection to decorate her home



Iman Asry, better know as FashionWithFaith, has a unique spin on the Islamic clothing fused with Scandinavian minimalism. Iman has been awarded "look of the year" by Elle magazine 2020 in Sweden, and is known for her minimalistic aesthetics. We worked with her, as one of our first collaboration, where she chose simple typography prints to decorate her home with. 



The UK

Nabilais known as one of the OG influencers, with an amazing skill of wrapping her turban, mixed with a romantic styling of her wardrobe. When we collabed with her, she choice some of our rose prints to decorate her daughter's bedroom, which perfected suited her romantic style as a whole



Amira also known as Emirah has her own spin on Muslim-Minimalism, with clear inspiration from both cultures. Her simple style of often spiced up with a hint of color and flowy dresses. In our collaboration with this beauty, she choose one of our simplier collection of prints for her living room and a rose collection for her hallway. We have collaborated her her three times, which has always been a pleasure. 




Adin is one of a kind, and with her Indonesian heritage, she brings a positivity to the European Muslim community. We have collaborated with her twice, and it has always been a positive experience. Her joyful ambiance always lifts your mood on any given day.



Layla brings the glamour to any of her work, with warm desert colors and a hint of glam with her own touch. We have collaborated with this warm soul on several occations and she is simply a beautiful person to follow and get inspiration from. 



The Netherlands
Eman is one of those beautiful women, who managed to add color to your feed, with a sleek style and natural flare for neautral colors. Her down to earth style, is relateable for all, and she does not compromise on her love for pastels when it comes to her home either. Our collaborations with her, has both been for her home with posters, and her style with our phone covers. 



The UK
Kaoutar is one of those influencers, who invites you in. Her loving nature and smile is something which is hard to miss, when you scroll through your instagram. Her short videos makes her super relatable and smile is something which will always rub off on you. We have collaborated with this warm soul both with posters and our phone covers., For her home, she chose some of our classic watercolor prints, and for her phone, our map designs. 



Scrolling through Isntagram Nour is hard to miss. Her entire feed is filled with images in warm tones and even warmer smile. Her style is the difinition of a desert rose with a mix of lifestyle and fashion. We have had the amazing chance to work with Nour Hoda twice, and each experience has been a beautiful one. 



Jasmine Fares has her own twist on minimalistic cool girl vibes. She is simple in her style and even though she is living in Canada, Scandinavian minimalism is absolutely suited to her! We collaborated with her, with our posters, where she chose simple, grey calligraphy prints, to go with her minimalistic style. 



This Moroccan Beauty is more than just a regular influencer. Mostly known by her comical sketches, she is worth following simply for her sense of humour. When she is not entertaining and ticklign your funny-bone, she has an elegant style, which reflects her North African roots and spirit. In our collaboration with her, she chose three of our mosque prints from Istanbul.



If you are into bohemian fashion and interior, Elif is the one to follow. Her down to earth style is one to emulate, and it gives cosy vibes All. The. Way. A vivid coffee lover, you would suspect her love for brown, earthy colors, come from that. We have had the pleasure to decorate Elifs' home more than once, and we cannot get enough of this Turkish-American woman and her bohemian looks




With her flare for words and use of her amazing style; Ishaloona is one fo the influencers who are not shy from sharing her dual background. She has a love for colors, from her Pakistani background, which she perfectly mixed with her Danish upbringing. We have collaborated with this beauty three times, with our posters and phone covers - all with an execent result and understanding of our brand and work



Edna is one of those rare beauties who balanced colors, simplicity and attitude perfectly. Her Somali roots shines throug her entire feed with color pops, where the style is otherwise simple and Scandinavian inspired. Her style can be described as elegant cuts with maximalistic undertones. We have collaborated with Edna on decorating her home, where she again chose a mix of simple prints, and colorful ones. 


The collaboration-adventure continues....

This was just a small snippet of some of the collaborations we have done through the last couple of years. We love working with other brands and influencers, as our community is becoming more vocal and visible in business and on Social Media. Are you an influencer who wishes to collaborate with our brand; you are more than welcome to contact us on: