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Production: Our posters are printed on acid free 180g matte coated paper. The printing is done on Canon photography printers, with 600DPI, as the highest quality printers can manage. The designs and photography are done by Doenvang or direct collaborations with other creatives. Our posters are printed as they are ordered, so we do not keep or produce excessive stock or overproduce.

Shipping: Shipping within Europe is done form our main office in Trelleborg, Sweden. For International orders, we work directly with a print-on-demand company, who handles the printing and shipping locally to reduce our CO2 emission footprint on the planet.

Phone Case

Production: The phone cases are produced on-demand and are created in the Netherlands, Europe. The designs are made by Doenvang, who has an order system connection to the print-on-demand house in the Netherlands who produces the phone cases as they are ordered. Shipping: Shipping is done from the Netherlands, Europe. It takes 7-10 days in Europe and up to 3 weeks worldwide with standard national shipping carriers.

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Production: The canvas and wood frame for the canvas is sustainably forced and is FSD approved. The frame of the canvas is 2-3cm thick. The production takes place as print-on-demand with local printing houses. The design is done by us and can vary a bit depending on the sizes of the canvas. A mounting kit is included in the order. Shipping. The orders are shipped locally from the printing houses of the print-on-demand companies.


Production: The mugs are produced by our print-on-demand corporation in Lithuania, Europe. The designs are created by Doenvang, and we transfer the orders to the print-on-demand company to handle the production of the mugs. Our mugs are NOT massed production and is created as you order them.

Shipping: The shipping within EU is done from Lithuania, Europe and takes between 7 to 14 days with production. For orders outside of the EU the production and shipping take place with local print-houses and is shipped locally as well.

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Production. Our textiles are produced and sourced in Istanbul Turkey. The pillowcases are 100% cotton, and pre-washed to reduce any shrinking of the materials. The designs on the cotton pillows are stitched and can be washed at low to medium temperatures.

 Shipping: The textiles are always shipped from our main office in Trelleborg Sweden


Production: All our frames are produced in Slovakia, Europe. They are sustainably sourced and are FSC approved.

Shipping: The shipping is done from our warehouse in Trelleborg, Sweden.

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