We are still shipping!


UPDATE (15/06/2020)


Sadly we are experiencing that the shippings going to France with PostNord/La Poste are not reaching our customers within an accepted period of time. We have therefore removed all shipping with national carriers, while this ongoing crises are affecting the shippings. Only Express shippings are available from today, until shipping returns to normal. Since we are not charging the full price of the shipping for our customers, we are not shipping small orders of 1 or 2 items, as the costs are not being covered in small orders. 


As mentioned above, we have been expriencing that the parcels are not reaching out customers withint an accepted period of time, with the national carriers. We have therefore decided that we will only ship with Express until the shippinbg companies have returned to their normal service state. We are not charging the full shipping costs from you as our customer. This means we are not able to ship small orders of 1 or 2 items




Due to the COVID19 outbreak around the world, all customer can expect longer delivery on their parcel. We cannot give the exact amount of days, as the situation is changing from day to day, from country to country. 

France has especially put in restrictions on their postal services, and to prevent any gathering of people, halted all parcels, which are not being delivered directly to the customers home. We are therefore not able to ship frames with our usual carrier DHL FREIGHT, but are only able to ship frames with DHL EXPRESS

For PostNord/La Poste in France, the parcels are moving quite slowly, so we  recommend to choose DHL EXPRESS in general, during this COVID19 outbreak. 


We have been communication with our shipping partners, who have informed us, that they are working over capacity. This means, that their warehouses, storages and shipping facilities are running full all the time. As a result, a lot of parcels are standing still on their locations, waiting for their turn to move from A to B.


We understand that it can be frustrating as a customer to wait for a much expected order, but we are not able to change the conditions of the shipping companies, nor have any influence over the government offices of any countries. 


We are of course here to help, if needed, but kindly show some patience in these times of the pandemic. 

InshaAllah everything will return to nomal within a period of time, without too much loss of life. 


Kind regards, Doenvang.com