How to Hang - Above a Table or a Dresser

Above Tables and Dressers

When you are looking at the overall decoration of a room, it makes it is lot easier to decorate, when you think about it is sections. We all have areas, where we do certain things, and the décor should reflect that. Just as hanging prints above the sofa seems like a natural spot for wall decor – so it the table and dresser. 

1. Think about the symmetry

When you are dealing with square objects, the best balance is to repeat the nature of the objects themselves. The walls space above the table or dresser, should be treated as an extension of the furniture. If you are decorating the space above the dresser, the best is it keep within the outer lines of the dresser – If you are decorating the wall above a dinning table, think of the whole area, including any carpets and chairs surrounding the table. 

(Suitable areas are illustrated with red)

2. Keep it simple

If you are decorating around your dinning area, it is better to keep it simple. There is already a lot going on with the food, and the prints, should just be an additional detail to the. Either combine smaller prints, in a symmetric pattern or keep it simple, with just a few posters, if you are going for larger sizes.