Brown Bosnia Combination | 9pc Various Sizes



  • Monastery Mostar | Bosnia 2021, 30x40cm (PH1133-3040)
  • Mostar Mosque | Bosnia 2021, 50x70cm (MO1179-5070)
  • Mostar River View | Bosnia 2021, 30x40cm (PH1131-3040)
  • Sarajevo Bascarsija Mosque | Bosnia 2021, 50x70cm (MO1178-5070)
  • Sarajevo Bascarsija Sebilj | Bosnia 2021, 50x70cm (PH1128-5070)
  • Sarajevo Bascarsija Streets #1 | Bosnia 2021, 30x40cm (PH1124-3040)
  • Sarajevo Bosnian Coffee #1 | Bosnia 2021, 30x40cm (PH1126-3040)
  • Sarajevo Riverside | Bosnia 2021, 50x70cm (PH1127-5070)
  • Sarajevo Streets #3 | Bosnia 2021, 30x40cm (PH1132-3040)

For the combinations frames are optional, can be found under the frames category.

Design and Photography by: Simone Dønvang © All Rights Reserved

Our prints are produced on 200gsm Museum-quality poster made on thick and long-lasting matte (uncoated) paper and are shipped in secure cardboard tubes. They are printed on a high quality photo printer, which brings more color and depth into the prints. In larger orders, the prints are separated by a layer of silk paper.



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