FOIL COMBINATION | 6pc Rose Foil, Nude Background, Rose Aluminium Frames



6 Foil prints with ROSE FOIL on NUDE BACKGROUND

  • Kaaba Door, 40x50cm
  • Ayath Al Kursi Square, 30x40cm
  • Round Ayath Al Kursi, 30x40cm
  • Verily Moon, 21x30cm
  • Al Falaq Square, 21x30cm
  • Al Baqara 115, 21x30cm


All Rights Reserved: Simone Dønvang
Our prints are produced on 180g matte coated paper and are shipped in secure cardboard tubes. They are printed on a photo printer, which brings more color and depth into the prints. In larger orders, the prints are separated by a layer of cellophane.



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